• In 1974, Sylvie began training in nursing techniques, which she left to go to work in administration.

• In 1988, her initial passion for helping people was always present, Sylvie decided to take the Swedish massage course and nutrition classes.

• In 1992, she attended a professional training in Californian massage. It is the beginning of a series of professional trainings recognized in Massage and in various complementary techniques.
Each year she would learn different techniques including among others massage for pregnant women, children, Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral, Trigger points, Aqua-mobility (Water massage), Polarity, Reiki and various complementary approaches oriented toward psychology and personal growth courses.

Chinese medicine is a technique that she will deepen before she discovered La Trame.

• In 2006, she discovered in Quebec the vibratory technique La Trame, which greatly assists in the improvement of the condition of life and the complete liberation of certain physical injuries. His psychological, spiritual and relational evolution evolves at the same time and without any effort improves to his great happiness and that of his immediate entourage or work.
• The discovery of the vibratory technique La Trame is a favorite. It is simple, effective, fast and acts in unity, so globality fully meets its objectives. She learns some alchemistry concepts with the creator Patrick Burensteinas for more than 5 years.

• In 2008, in addition to La Trame, she adds CHI machine and HTE technology and after about 6 months, the pain of sciatica to the leg and the condition of her spine is further improved.

Her transition to less physical work leads her to new learning:

• Since 2012, she has discovered with Dr. Matthew James a training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and in Mental and Emotional Release® which she deepened to become a NLP Trainer in 2016.

• In 2012, she became a Specialist in Quitting Smoking in 60 minutes and also  become a practitioner in hypnosis.

• In 2013 and 2016, She learns Huna directly from ancestral locations in Hawaii.

• In 2017, Finally, she is very satisfied with becoming a Health Coach.

• In addition to having theory and several years of study and practice, she developed an uncommon feel and understanding of pain and different ways to improve her overall condition.

She has received many treatments from different therapists over the years. And she has improved her physical condition that she must continue to maintain on a regular basis in complementarity with exercises, good diet and meditation.

Deeply in my heart,
My goal is to help you release
your pain gently and thoroughly.
As well as to open the flower In your heart
And have you experience happiness​