To Experience a state of relaxation
To find relief from aches and pains?
To feel refreshed and re-energized?
To continue your personal evolution?

Body-Mind Therapy

Body-mind therapy or psychosorporal massage is centered on the global nature of the person. It takes into account physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. While soothing your body of stress and troubles, it allows the person to express and release feelings, fears and limits in yourself.

Therapeutic Body massage

Therapeutic Body massage includes various techniques that will promote greater physical well-being. These techniques consist in a sequence of movements applied to the muscular mass or to the joints to recondition toneless and aching muscles. This technique is aimed at relaxing and/or treating physical pains and preventing aggravation.

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Increases resistance to stress
Facilitates letting go
Boosts your evolution
Increases personal valuation and self-confidence
Improves concentration and awareness
Increases performance at work and at home
Helps to stay calm and patient

Relieves muscular pains
Relieves joint pains
Improves  mobility and blood circulation
Reduces stress
Facilitates relaxation
Improves sleep
Increases energy



Californian massage Val-David Centre Belle Vie

Californian massage

The Californian massage provides a global harmonization of the whole being in the family of Body-Mind massages. The interiority and global nature of this approach enhances the awareness of the body image and allows to reach a state of opening, relaxation and abandonment. It unifies the body and the mind. The Californian massage is for people seeking deep relaxation. It is the best anti-stress massage.


Momentum massage

The Momentum massage is a gentle and intuitive approach that targets the awakening of the body-mind awareness through touching and breathing. Momentum massage helps you stay in the present moment. The emphasis is axed on the inner self in order to increase the ability to be in touch with ones feelings during the massage. It can be compared to a wave in the ocean: fluid, smooth, present and constantly in movement.


Cranio Sacral Therapy Centre Belle Vie

Cranio Sacral​ Therapy

The therapy has its roots in osteopathy. In the early 1900’s an American cranial osteopath, William Sutherland, found that he could influence the way he felt physically and emotionally by placing pressure on the bones and cerebrospinal fluid in the cranium, spine and sacrum. He believed this was responsible for the movement of the bones, cerebrospinal fluid and the nervous system. He called this impulse the breath of life – a form of QI (chi), the name for the vital life force which is also felt as an energy impulse in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Chinese energetic physiology

The Chinese energetic physiology is more than a simple massage. Based on the fact that when the Yin and the Yang are unbalanced, they lead to diseases. The human body is crossed by energy lines called meridians. There are twelve meridians and each correspond to an organ. On these meridians, they are points with a particular function and which correspond to a part of the body. Chinese medicine considers body and mind as a whole. It promotes the global development of the person.

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Prenatal massage

The mother-to-be is sometimes confronted with physical and psychic pains, amplified by various moods such as joy, sadness, fear, etc. It respects the precautions and the contraindications of massaging during pregnancy. This massage is adapted to make her feel comfortable and to answer her very specific needs in a gentle caring way.

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Feet & Hand Reflexology

Your hands and your feet are full of pressure points corresponding reflecting points to specific parts of the body. Think of your body as a road map, where every path is connected.The massage of these points allows to restore the balance of vital energy of all glands and organs in the body.
For the person who like feet and hands massages for an hour?


Outdoor Massage at sound of the nature

Enjoy an outdoor Bodymind massage or La Trame at the sound of the North River and the Nature under a Gazebo ensuring your discretion and comfort. After your treatment, take a few moments to relax with the wonderful nature…

Deeply in my heart,
My goal is to help you release
your pain gently and thoroughly.
As well as to open the flower In your heart
And have you experience happiness​