What is La Trame?


The principle of this treatment is to reset in place the original scheme of the body that we have at our birth as we have fingerprints.

Therapeutic vibration treatment of La Trame harmonizes the information scheme of the body.

It releases emotions crystallized and bottlenecks, creating a better flow of energy and information, eliminating the disorders, both physical, psychological, emotional and relationally. It treats the cause of dysfunction in the whole body.

The practitioner of the art therapeutic Vibrational of La Trame takes effect by a sequence of 16 gestures, always the same, which informs the body what to do, while leaving the INITIATIVE to the body therefore no interpretation of psychoanalytic, psychological and medical is made by the practitioner La Trame. It is done without any pressure.

To understand La Trame

Let’s compare the body to a carpet


A thread wove the carpet on the length, the wit and cross forming the frame of the carpet.

Just like the carpet, our body, too,
has a horizontal, vertical and transverse tram, which is our blueprint and form the human frame of our body. The Frame is therefore a set of information, in the form of a quantum grid, which fixes the organization of the cells and dictates to each of them, its place and its function.


When you shake the rug at one extremity,


You will see that the created wave moves in a sinusoidal, wave-like manner rather like a movement of a wave.


If one puts a little rock, then another rock, then a really big rock, the wave is disturbed.


If we continue to shake the rug the stones will be moved and dislodge and this in no particular order.

La Trame

The same principle applies to the body.
There are several frames
• that of the carpet,
• that of the world,
• that of the body,
• sound.


In this case, the rocks represent a denser emotion both positive and negative that crystallizes in the same region. Our body emotions accumulate. Some emotions crystallize and manifest themselves in tensions and pain in a specific region of the body. That blockage may become severe illness if ignored.


In the figurative sense, we could say that this will allow your body to free itself from its pebbles, which are interpreters and disturbing and densified emotions. The principle of this La Trame Vibrational Therapeutic technique is to shake your rug (body) by an undulating motion gentle like a wave.

This will let your body release out of its rocks that are the pain and the emotions crystallized in you. This will be done without involving your rational that is often too analytical.

Physical  effects

Reduction or relief muscle pain Reduction or relief of joint pain Reduction or relief of digestive disorders Reduction or relief pain or menstrual disorders Reduction or relief the effects of menopause Reducing persistent tensions Increasing energy

  • Reduction or relief muscle pain
  • Reduction or relief of joint pain  
  • Reduction or relief of digestive disorders
  • Reduction or relief pain or menstrual disorders
  • Reduction or relief the effects of menopause
  • Reducing persistent tensions
  • Increasing energy
  • Better concentration
  • Improving SLEEP
  • The possibility of stabilizing the evolution of the person’s state (Alzheimer’s, cancer, fibromyalgia …)
  • And more  

Psychological effects

The most important psychological benefits are that the person:

  • May decrease in intensity and long duration of time, the stress associated with their different emotions.
  • Improvements in states of anxiety, depression.
  • May liberate some unexpressed emotions.               
  • Takes a step back from your situation
  • Reduction of hyperactivity and stress
  • May have a greater ability to manage crisis situations.

Indirect effects

The beneficial relational effects noted are:

  • The overall improvement of family life.
  • Improving our personal and professional relationships.
  • Improving our environment.

Duration & Frequency of La Trame Sessions

The session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

It is necessary to space care for 3 to 6 weeks to allow the body to regulate itself. To be effective La Trame may require 3 to 5 visits or more.

Thereafter, the person can decide to stop, to continue at the same rate or until it has reached its objectives.

No psychoanalytic, psychological, medical interpretation is made by the practitioner of La Trame.

A session of wavelength therapeutic treatment of La Trame can not replace medical, psychological or medication treatment.

The Creator of La Trame

(In french)

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Patrick Burensteinas

Author, speaker and international trainer, Patrick Burensteinas is known for his enthusiasm, conviviality and synthesis as well as for his ability to popularize the principles and concepts of Alchemy.

“Alchemy is, for me, a means for man to find his place, to renew the dialogue with nature and with himself, not in a magico-lyrical vision, but in a real world. Our vision does not stop at our knowledge, it pushes us towards knowledge.”

Working on the relations between matter and energy, between man and the universe, he deduces an original vibratory therapeutic: La Trame, which is a direct application of the principles of Alchemy to man.

Mr. Burensteinas has participated in several radio programs. Visit www.orifaber.com

La Trame testimonials

Find the taste of living again

After several years of struggle and several alternatives (acupuncture, naturopaths, kinesiology and others), I finally found a solution: La TRAME. Two years ago, I added a major depression to my list and had to stop working for a year. After only some treatments of La Trame, I can now work five days a week while having a quality of life. The treatments allowed me to regain a level of energy and an intestinal regularity. I started some recreation and regained the taste for life!

Health and long life to the therapists who practice La Trame and thank you for helping us.


More and more rooted

I wanted to undertake La Trame in order to define and remain within personal boundaries as well as my confidence in myself. After two sessions, a big cleaning of old things useless began, which made a lot of room around me. It was as if something chose me was pushing to do. Then I began to feel more and more rooted, to see life more positively. Thanks to this rooting, I have more and more ability to cope with everyday problems, I feel a greater confidence in myself. La Trame has caused great internal upheavals definitely for the better!!!


Missing Hives and Improved Communications

I received about 10 La Trame session in all and I was able to have a holiday season without the flu. It was the first time since I can remember and I am 23 years old.

This allows me to change in my behavior. I am more able to talk to people around me. I also need more cleanliness in my apartment.

Olivier 2007

Five years later, in 2012, The beneficial effects of La Trame are still present and even better.

I did not have any flu at the time of the holidays.

I have a job where I have to work with people every day.

I now have a nice clean house.

Olivier 2012

Success of my courses

I am 24 years old and I suffer from hyperactivity and attention disorders. I have been followed from very young by specialists and I did many therapies to improve myself.

After 7 frames, I already notice a great improvement in my ability to concentrate to finally succeed in College (CEGEP) level courses and all this without special effort on my part.

Mélanie 2007- 2015

Seven years later, in 2015, I received other casual care and I am much more able to concentrate.

I now have my day care.

Increased my confidence in me

LaTrame has allowed me to develop myself. La Trame increase my self confidence and allows me to better delimit my space.

Finally, La Trame gives me the opportunity to take roots to give better fruits.

MASTA 2011

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